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Training Services

Cindy Dimitry, Certified Professional Dog Trainer, graduated from Animal Behavior College, and a BLS from Loyola University.  Trained in positive reinforcement techniques that can help you humanely train your puppy or dog.  Our use of these methods is not only the humane way to train dogs, decades of behavioral science have shown that positive reinforcement yields both better results and longer retention than other styles of training.

One on one training with the owner and family members, each session is approximately one hour.

Each session is $40 or you can purchase 3 sessions for $110. 

All dogs must have current vaccination records.

Puppy Basics - Age 6 months and Under

Owners learn how to promote good household manners, and how to deal with common puppy problems such as jumping, mouthing, biting and pulling.  Basic commands are covered: Sit, Sit Stay, Down, Come/Recall, Loose-Lead Walking and most important, learning how to Focus.

"Big" Dog Basics - Age 6 months and Over

Basic commands are covered: Focus, Sit, Sit Stay, Down, Down Stay, Come/Recall,  Loose-Leah Walking and leave it.

Behavior Problems

All dogs will be evaluated for relationship and socialization skills.  Problems treated include, unruly behavior, jumping, nipping, stealing food, excessive barking, chewing, stool eating, and housebreaking.

All sessions will be paid for in advance.  Classes can be rescheduled at the owner's request, please call within 24 hours.  If the owner is  not at home, or a no show on the day of training, no refunds will be given.  

                                     "A Positive Approach to Training Dogs and Their People"

Call to schedule an appointment 504-261-6430 or email

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