Creole Canine’s

Pet Treats

Pet Treats Small & Large                                Homemade Pet Foods

Sweet Treats

Apple-Oatmeal Cinnamon Treats
Bananas Foster Treats
Peanut Butter Treats

Savory Treats

BBQ Chicken Treats
Smokey Turkey Burger Treats
Salmon & Dill Treats 

Treats sold by the Dozen.  

Ingredients used in Biscuits; all organically grown, whole wheat flour, diced apples, fresh carrots, bananas, grilled chicken, fully cooked ground turkey, chicken and salmon, molasses, organic peanut butter, local honey, fresh herbs (some home grown), sea salt.

Specialty Treats & Cakes
Turkey Carrot Cupcakes with Mashed Potato Frosting. Turkey Carrot Cake Whole 8", includes 2 - 8" turkey layers with mashed potato frosting or mashed sweet potato frosting.

Doggie Pizza with organic Turkey Sausage or ground turkey, spinach, tomatoes and parmesan cheese, 10" . Will Customize to your doggie's taste. 

For your Pet Parties, Cookie Cake, Turkey Carrot Cake and Doggie Pizza shown above.

Gift Baskets also available, starting at $15.

Homemade Pet Food

Kito's Turkey & Sweet Potato Stew  (shown above)
Hemi's Chicken Pot Pie Stew
Koa's Beefy, Barley & Veggie Stew

All Natural and Organic ingredients used in stews, fresh ground turkey, chicken, ground beef, brown rice, fresh celery, carrots, apples, bell pepper, peas, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, oatmeal, barley, fresh herbs and sea salt.

Shipping charges may apply.

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